Monday, April 18, 2011

Beginning The Journey Home

Sunday had been a tiring whirlwind of a day and I had fallen into bed totally exhausted. On Monday, I'd planned to hang around the farm and begin the drive back to Albany much later in the day than normal. But after eating breakfast and letting the dogs out, I decided that I really had nothing to do at the farm. So I shut off the water supply to my apartment, turned down the heat and packed the dogs back into my car. I followed this Amish buggy down the dirt road as I worked my way to the highway:

It was raining lightly, but since most of the snow had melted and the roads had been clear on the previous day, I decided to go home via the Port Kent - Hopkinton Road, AKA Red Tavern Road. But I was soon driving through a heavy freezing rain with about 2" of slush on the highway. Well, I couldn't turn back so I kept driving. I stopped at the St. Regis River to snap a picture:

This branch (one of many) of the St. Regis River runs right through the wilderness in the northern portion of the Adirondack Park and it was particularly lovely on this early spring day:

I decided to take a brief video of the river:

And then resumed the drive toward home. As the Red Tavern Road gained elevation and hooked around a bit, I was able to look back through the trees and see the wetlands/flood plain of the St. Regis River where I had just stopped minutes ago:

And more mountains nearby seen through the trees and falling sleet:

But as always, I had a car full of anxious dogs worried about what I was doing out there. So I got back in the car and continued on my way:

Just ahead, I saw a small flock of wild turkeys. This is not unusual, but these were quite large and didn't run away into the woods. So I stuck my camera out the car window and snapped their picture:

The turkeys still didn't run away, so I switched the camera to video mode and began letting the car roll closer and closer to them. I don't know why they were so unafraid. Perhaps it was because they were big, fat and healthy, it was spring and in this wilderness area they don't see much hunting:

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