Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Upside Of Pet Ownership

Yesterday I presented some of the downsides of pet ownership. Today I'll present some of the upsides. Looking through the photos, I guess I've only showed the joys of dog ownership, but there's also the companionship and quiet comfort of cats. And the joys of having my doves and parakeets flying around the room each morning. And the guinea pig whistling a happy "Hello." But this post is about dogs, and could can be summed up in two words - dog pile:

Seamus, Clover, Fergus, Daphne and Winky blocking the path to the bathroom:

And taking the dogs to work on Saturdays where there's more dog piles:

Wally is his own one-dog dog-pile:

Receiving attention is always the highest priority, but in between times, a dog must get its beauty sleep:

Seamus is so big and the Papillon puppies so small that dog piles become quite literally a pile of dogs:

And Clover knows how to find her own soft puppy bed:

Back at home, all the dogs except Wally cluster together. It may be difficult for me to walk through the room, but it blesses my heart to see them:

I've concentrated on the joys of sleeping dogs here, but there's also the joys of exuberantly running dogs. Almost every time I let mine out into the back yard I witness something like this:

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