Monday, August 9, 2010

Adirondack Loon Videos

I was exploring back roads in the northern Adirondack Park with six dogs in the car. We'd just taken a rest stop and the dogs had had a chance to stretch their legs. Then I came upon this beautiful lake. We were on a gravel road in the what was otherwise a wilderness area. There were no other cars or people anywhere. I was snapping photos when a loon began calling, so I switched my camera to video mode. You can hear my dogs barking in the car at the beginning of this first video, but they soon give that up and the loon's call then takes center stage.

As I recorded the scene, I began to realize that there were two loons, and that they were communicating with each other. This second video was made as I watched the two of them come together and paddle away across the lake:

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