Sunday, August 1, 2010

Harvey Mountain Blueberries - Part 5

I'd hiked up Harvey Mountain with four of my dogs and snacked on the blueberries at the summit. We'd hiked across the New York/Massachusetts border and were now turned back and headed for the trail head. In this photo, Clover and Fergus are leading the way out of the woods and into the Lowbush Blueberry fields:

I'm not exaggerating when I say there were acres and acres of blueberries. Here's a close-up of some ripening blueberries:

While I enjoyed eating them, the two Papillon puppies found the Lowbush Blueberries to be just the ticket for silly puppy play and romping:

"C'mon, Clover. Follow me. We'll go find a bear:"

And Daphne was fascinated by the concept of eating blueberries. She didn't, however, want to eat any herself:

Back again in the blueberry fields, I had views of the surrounding Taconic Mountains:

Distant mountains are difficult to capture in photos, but if you click to enlarge this one, you may be able to see the two mountain ranges. The closer mountains are the Taconics and the bigger, farther mountains are the nearby Catskills. What a magnificent view, while all the while the breezes blew and the birds sang:

After descending from the summit with the dogs, I decided to climb up onto that secondary summit just ahead on the right. I knew from previous hikes that it would provide some nice views, tasty blueberries and big rocks for the dogs to play on:

So up we went:

Daphne and Clover were leading the way. Papillons are not shy. They live life with enthusiasm. We were now on our way back down the mountain headed toward my parked car, but I've still got a couple of posts before this adventure is completed. More tomorrow:

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