Tuesday, August 10, 2010

From the Adirondacks To Farm Country

I was driving up to the farm with my 6 dogs and had explored some back roads through the northern parts of the Adirondack Park. As we neared my farm, which is just 3 miles north of the Adirondack Park boundary, the land began to flatten out. I also began to see more farms, though they still looked very much in the Adirondack style:

These old farmsteads were picturesque and appealing, the sorts of places I imagine I'd like to return to for Thanksgiving dinner:

I only took a few photos, but these flat-lands are as magnificent as the Adirondack Mountains themselves:

And then, after a few turns, I arrived at my own farm. The place was looking good. I pulled in and put the dogs in their fenced yard so that I could look around:

The south hay field had been hayed and only a few bales and a few pieces of equipment remained in the field:

I saw someone arrive and climb up onto the tractor, so I walked out to the south field to meet him and took this shot aimed back at the house and barn:

This is Paul, a nearby farmer who was harvesting my hay for the first time this year:

Paul told me that he'd taken perhaps 75 of the large round bales off of this field and was here to pick up the few remaining bales:

My south hay field extends all the way to the tree line on both the left side and straight ahead. That house on the right sits on a small square of land cut out of my field. Its owner is a friendly, older man whose wife died suddenly last autumn:

Well, I had much to investigate as I'd just arrived, so I began walking back towards the house. This is a parting glance at the south field. I've got lots more to post and will continue tomorrow:

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