Sunday, August 8, 2010

Driving Northward Through The Adirondacks

I was driving up to the farm with all six of my dogs in the car. I was attempting to find some new, interesting roads and had discovered the town of Jay and found a new rest stop where the dogs and I could stretch our legs. But it soon came time to get all the dogs back into the car and resume our journey. In this photo, you can see that the two small puppies get to ride up front with me, but all the other dogs ride in the back. Fergus is sticking his head up front to socialize with us front seat folks:

And as I drove, I found myself on the same gravel road which I'd driven on my way home the last trip. I knew it was scarcely traveled and the scenery was beautiful, so I was happy. I stopped alongside the road by a lake which I remembered from our last trip this way:

I pulled to the side of the road to get a better view of the lake, but didn't let the dogs out. They had, after all, just had a rest stop. And besides, I didn't want them trotting around on the road no matter how seldom traveled it was. The views across the lake were stunning:

It was quiet and peaceful, with the aromas and bird songs one might expect in the northern Adirondacks. This type of experience is seldom to be had without hiking a long way. But I found it just outside the car doors. I think I'll look for a pull-off next time I pass this way so that the dogs and I can explore a bit:

It was quiet, wild and serene:

A loon was calling off across the lake, so I set my camera on video and recorded it. I'll present that tomorrow:

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