Saturday, August 28, 2010

Two Videos at The End Of The Acra Point Hike

The dogs and I were hiking back down the mountain from Acra Point and were approaching the trail head where the car was parked. It was such a beautiful day and the dogs were behaving so well that I thought I'd stop and take a video of the forest through which we were hiking. Though it's not the same as being there, perhaps you can still share some of the joy of that day:

We arrived back at the beginning of the trail where there is a sign-in box at which hikers register. That's so that if someone gets lost, there's some record of where and when they went. The red disc on the bridge over the Batavia Kill is a trail marker, the same type which was nailed to trees throughout the hike. It'd been an exceptionally scenic and pleasant hike, and the dogs ended it with a chance to get a drink from a mountain stream. And this was the end of a pleasant and scenic hike:

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