Monday, August 16, 2010

Parting Shots Of The Farm

It was Sunday morning and time to drive back home. I'd taken four of my dogs for a good walk in the north hay field and was returning to the farm house to pack up the car. When I arrived at the barn, I noticed that it had a disturbingly high pigeon population. Formerly there had been only a pair or two, but most of the neighborhood pigeons seemed to have lived in the barn across the road. But now they were living in my barn. I considered boarding up this opening, but my tenant informed me that there are access holes on both sides of the barn running down its entire length. He'd already put fencing across an interior doorway to keep them upstairs, at least. So for now the pigeon problem is unsolved:

The tenants' dog is a female named Harley. The neighbors' dog is a male named Paige. I get so confused! On this trip, Seamus was enamored of Harley to the point of refusing to come when he was called and causing several unhappy moments. Harley wants nothing to do with Seamus but he thinks she's fascinating:

George and his wife are my tenants and he came out to chat as I prepared for my long drive home:

I took one last photo of the farm house, thinking of how it will hopefully be my retirement home some day:

And a photo of the neighbors' barn. Now, if only I could convince my pigeons to move back over there:

The apple trees were full of beautiful small apples. I didn't taste them, but George told me that they are sweet and good for eating fresh off the tree:

I said good bye to Harley, loaded my dogs into the car and began the journey home:

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