Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Harvey Mountain Blueberries - Part 6

I'd hiked to the top of Harvey Mountain, a short and easy hike, with four of my dogs. We'd crossed from New York into Massachusetts and were now headed back toward the trail head. We took a small detour on our way down to climb up onto a small knob with nice views, blueberries and some big rocks for the dogs to climb. Little Clover was a natural climber, a regular mountain goat in a dog's body. She was having a grand time:

And downward we walked. This was not too steep, not too distant and not too rocky. In fact, it was just right. When the hiking is easy, I tend to see a lot more of the natural features along the way:

We passed by more Steeplebush plants in bloom:

Daphne and Seamus took a rest and all the dogs got cooled off in a mountain brook (see yesterday's video):

The dogs' excess energy had been mostly drained and keeping them at hand was now much easier. Also, I confess, the hike had settled and calmed my spirit and I was less fretful. The walk back to the car was serene and happy:

Clover still liked to run ahead, but Daphne learned a new "trick" on this hike. If I called her back to me and she did as requested, she'd get much petting and praise. This made her very happy and she learned quickly. In this photo, Clover is trotting rather too far ahead and Daphne has heard me call her back. She's on her way to getting some positive attention:

It may look as if we're getting deeper and deeper into the woods, but we're almost back to the car at this point. As you can tell, Papillon puppies have a quickly renewable source of energy:

And then we spotted my little car parked below us along a gravel road. The dogs were very happy about that, but then dogs are very happy about nearly everything. That, I think, is a large part of why we love them so much:

And we drove back out of the forest with beautiful long distance views along the way:

Daphne and Clover now ride in the front seat with me, while the other dogs ride in the back:

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