Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Exploring The Farm, Visiting With The Neighbors

I'd arrived at the farm, put the dogs out in their fenced yard, walked out to my south hay field and met the local farmer who was cutting my fields this year. He loaded a few of the large round bales onto a trailer and then headed down to the far end of the field to load up more bales:

As I stood in the south field, I aimed my camera back across the Goldenrod (Hey, aren't they kind of early this year?!?) and snapped a photo of the barn and farm house:

I walked back to the house and noticed that my tenants had planted sunflowers in the flower bed next to the milk room:

And the Garden Phlox I'd planted last year were thriving and blooming nicely:

My little red car parked in the driveway seemed to give me a glimpse of how the future might be when I'm fully retired there:

And as I walked back into the house, a family of my Amish neighbors trotted by. Most Amish wave and seem very friendly. This family looked sour and never looked my way. I was grateful my dogs weren't loose and barking at the passersby:

The dogs enjoy their yard, all the more so because it is usually used by the tenants' Pit Bull and is therefore filled with cool smells, dropped dog food, etc:

They investigated every inch of it and "anointed" it

I'd taken a day off of work so that I could arrive on Saturday. The family across the street was having a pig roast and I didn't want to miss it. But alas, when I arrived I was informed by my tenants that the pig roast had been two weeks earlier. I checked my invitation and indeed I'd marked my calendar wrong. So I began walking across the road to say hello and to apologize for missing the pig roast. This is my farm house as seen from the north side of the yard:

I had a friendly visit with my neighbors and then walked back home. This is the view of my farm house from the front of their driveway. That large dirt patch is the location of the newly installed septic tank and leech-field. But I'd just arrived and have lots more to share, so I'll post more tomorrow:

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