Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Town Of Jay, New York

I was driving up to the farm and decided to try to find a new route. This is more difficult than it might sound because of the dearth of roads in the Adirondack Park. That, after all, is how the area is kept wild. I had a series of small roads picked out and headed north on the main highway. But things began to go wrong from the outset. I missed my exit and began north of where I'd intended. I found roads which the map said didn't exist as well as roads which had different names than what they were called on the map. But I had a pretty good idea which way to head, so I kept driving. I eventually arrived at the town of Jay. I'd never been there before but had seen it listed many times while I searched the internet for affordable properties. Apparently, there are real estate bargains available in Jay which one wouldn't find elsewhere in the Park. So as I approached the town, I was amazed at the magnificent scenery, the kind for which I'd expect people to pay high prices:

Whiteface Mountain dominated the landscape in one direction, but I think it's fair to say that there were Adirondack Mountains everywhere I looked:

Hay fields allowed for expansive views of mountain ranges:

And the shadows of high flying clouds drifted across the green slopes like dark filmy ghosts:

These are some of the highest peaks in the Adirondacks and I knew I was almost to the town of Jay:

When I arrived in Jay, I found it a charming small town with breathtaking scenery. I shot only this one photo in town, but the next time I pass through I'll take more pictures. This was the beginning of my journey with six dogs in the car, and they were getting anxious for a rest stop. So finding one was the next order of business. More on that tomorrow:

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