Friday, August 6, 2010

An Adirondack Rest Stop

The dogs and I were driving up to the farm and trying some new roads. I wasn't doing very well navigating by the map, but I had a general idea which way to head so I kept on driving. We'd been on the road for over two hours before I found a wild place to turn off and let the dogs out for a rest break. They were very happy to do so:

It was a one lane dirt path running off of a gravel road. The path had a gate stopping vehicular traffic about fifty feet in from the gravel road, so I just parked and let the dogs out. We saw no other cars all the time we traveled those back roads. Seamus and Wally were out of the car in a flash:

Winky explored the wildflowers - and also peed on a good many of them:

Both puppies, Daphne and Clover, ran the wrong way and were headed back toward the gravel road while I walked forward with the other dogs. I called them to me and after a moment, Daphne appeared:

I called a few more times and Clover came running up to join us. She was sure she was going the correct direction, but if we wanted to be stupid and go the wrong way, she'd condescend to keep us company:

Directly ahead was a lone mountain, and the aroma of pines, firs, spruces, tamaracks and balsams baking in the sun filled the air. I wished we could just keep walking and exploring, but we could not:

We did, however, walk a little farther and we thoroughly enjoyed it:

Fireweed was in bloom along the edges of the path:

Uh Oh! The Adirondack woods are showing signs of autumn color already. I took a picture but otherwise refused to think about the upcoming winter:

And all around where I'd parked the car were baby evergreens: firs, balsams, spruces, white pines:

And even baby tamaracks:

But I had to load the dogs back into the car and continue on our way. As it turned out, this trip which should have taken four hours, instead took almost six. However, before posting any more photos of the trip, tomorrow I'll post a video of the dogs from this rest stop:

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