Sunday, August 22, 2010

Trekking Up To Acra Point - Part 2

We hiked up the side of the mountain until we reached an intersection. Yes, an intersection of hiking trails complete with directional signs. We'd arrived at the Escarpment Trail which traverses the ridge line. From here, we turned right and headed toward Acra Point:

By this time, the dogs were behaving much better and keeping close enough to prevent me from hollering at them. There's nothing like hiking up the side of a mountain to help dogs cool their jets:

Daphne was a happy puppy and very much wanted to be the pack leader. She had learned on the last hike, however, to come back to me when called. She continued that behavior on this hike and was rewarded with much petting and praise each time:

I stopped for a self portrait. I have a ten second timer on my camera, so there isn't much time to get myself and the dogs in position. You should see the embarrassing photos which I've deleted! No, on second thought, you shouldn't see them:

Once we were on the Escarpment Trail, the grade alternated between flat and sharply inclined. There were many big rocks along the route and this suited the dogs just fine because they liked to climb on them:

Once we were on top of the ridge, I could see daylight on each side of the trail. It was a narrow ridge with sharp a drop-off on each side. This photo shows just a bit of the deep valley off to our left as we approached Acra Point:

Clover was a happy girl and ran back and forth, up and down and all over the trail. She only paused a second so I could get this shot:

Up and up we climbed, always higher. Our next stop would be Acra Point, but I'll begin posting that tomorrow:

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