Friday, March 6, 2015

Denton Road After A Snowstorm

It was snowing heavily, but I decided that since I was driving Denton Road anyway, I'd take some winter scenery pictures. There isn't much human activity to see on Denton Road, but this old shed must have once been an entryway for a mobile home, long since removed:

Denton Road is gravel and narrow. It took me through forests of varying types:

Everything was lovely with it's light coating of snow. This was lightweight, fluffy snow and wasn't sticking much:

White Pines behind Black Cherry trees:

Red Pines (I think). It's hard to tell from the picture and I can't remember:

A mixture of hardwood and coniferous trees:

The Beech trees still held their coppery leaves:

More pines:

The road was lined with mounds of snow which the plows had left. There'd be lots more snow and higher piles within just a few days:

I took one last picture before I put my camera away and continued driving home. Winter may not be comfortable, but it sure provides some beautiful scenery:

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