Sunday, March 1, 2015

Days Mill Road During A Snowstorm - Part 1

We were having a beautiful day and I decided to take a driving tour of a local road. But by the time I arrived, it was snowing heavily. The blowing snow doesn't show up well in most of the photos, but I'll blame any poor photo quality on the snow. Days Mill Road is in Nicholville and is always scenic. The road began in the forest:

And then I passed this picturesque old barn:

This appeared to be an old farmstead:

A small barn in great shape, now used as a garage:

Another older home, probably a farm home when it was constructed:

These two old outbuildings appeared to be used only for storage now:

And this old barn was used for storage but didn't look as if it had been accessed recently:

There were newer homes as well, but even they continued the woodsy look:

There were farm fields also, this one with an old hay rake and a shed:

A beautiful old barn. Notice the snow piled up along the road - and this was before the real heavy snowfall arrived, later in the week. But there was more yet to see on Days Mill Road and I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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