Sunday, March 8, 2015

Mahoney Road, Stockholm New York - Part 1

It was still mighty cold, but we had a sunny day and I was on my way to the feed store. So as long as I was on the road, I took a detour onto Mahoney Road for a driving tour. The first house I encountered was this comfy, inviting place up on a hill:

Most of what I saw were homes one might expect in a suburb and I supposed that those who were employed in Potsdam or Massena but loved country living were moving out this way:

But there also were farm fields and forests:

And this pasture, surrounded by forest, with a gate sign which read, "Angus Xing." There were no Angus, either black or red, to be seen that day, however. They must have stayed back at the barn:

Way down at the bottom of a hill, at the edge between a farm field and woodland, was this deer stand:

Another suburban type home up on a hill. This one had a "For Sale" sign, so I looked it up when I got home. Alas, it had already been sold and the price was no longer listed:

The only traditional, old family farm I saw included this classic barn and silos:

A house with a wonderful front porch:

And Brasher State Forest lands, with lanes leading back into the trees which I might explore with the dogs when the weather turns nice:

These modern barns looked as if they were used for power equipment of some kind:

This appeared to be an old farm house, though I saw no barns. But there was more yet to see on Mahoney Road and I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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