Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tri-Town Winter Carnival Parade

The three adjacent, rural towns were Lawrence, Brasher and Stockholm. I drove to the village of Brasher Falls to view the annual Winter Carnival Parade on a snowy Saturday. The parade began with marchers from the American Legion:

More American Legion marchers. That general store on the corner had provided me with a half sub and two homemade cookies just before the parade began, so I was feeling satisfied:

The theme appeared to be St. Patrick's Day, though there might also be some Irish connection with the first settlers to the area. This first Irish themed float included a king and queen. The man standing was my favorite part of the whole parade, as he kept shouting, "Merry Christmas" to the crowd. I always enjoy a wise guy:

There was a bevy of firetrucks and ambulances from the villages and settlements in the three towns. These were from the combined villages of Brasher Falls and Winthrop, the village of West Stockholm and a Tri-Town emergency rescue truck:

I don't know who sponsored this float, but it seemed to filled with leprechauns, drinking green beer and warming themselves by a real fire. Notice the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow:

Another float, this one sponsored by the Quad-Town Lions Club. I had no idea what the fourth town was:

More firetrucks and rescue vehicles, these all from the combined villages of Brasher Falls and Winthrop:

I knew the sponsor of this float. It was the "A Little Bit Of Heaven" horse rescue, which I often pass on my way to Brasher Falls. They have a lot of horses in their pasture:

More firetrucks. You can see why I combined the photos. These were from the villages/settlements of North Lawrence, Helena and Lawrenceville, all located within the three towns. New York State counties are divided into towns, what would be called townships in other states. Inside each town are cities, villages, settlements and other, smaller places. But that was all there was to the parade. I followed the last firetruck across the bridge and into Brasher Falls so I could get on the county road and go see the snowmobile races. But I'll post about that tomorrow:

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