Sunday, March 15, 2015

Leary Flint Road In The Town Of Brasher, New York

When I first discovered Leary Flint Road, all I could think of was the famous, gnarly publisher of Hustler Magazine, Larry Flynt. But I got over it. Leary Flint Road was very narrow, sparsely settled and mostly forest. It was likely not paved. There was far too much snow for me to tell.

There were few homes on the road and even fewer farms, though this old barn gave evidence that there once had been farms:

Aside from a few small farm fields and old barns, Leary Flint Road was mostly forest and woodsy type homes:

This home looked like a place one might be invited to for a family Christmas:

There were a few modern modular and mobile homes:

Life on Leary Flint Road appeared to be country living of the woodsy type:

This home looked large and modern. The snowy conifers gave it a cheery, inviting look:

A home with a classic gambrel roof:

Larry Flint Road eventually became Murry Road, where I photographed this camp, set back behind the pines. I'd planned to continue on to the county road and then turn, but discovered the bridge was out. I had to backtrack, retracing my route:

But returning the way I'd come gave me the chance to photograph a few places I'd missed on the way in - like this very old cemetery, so buried in snow that its fence was barely visible:

I'd also missed photographing this place the first time through because the mail carrier was stopped at their mailbox. But that was all there was of Leary Flint Road. There are a lot of small, rural roads of this sort in the area and I sure do enjoy touring them:

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