Monday, March 9, 2015

Mahoney Road, Stockholm New York - Part 2

I was driving along Mahoney Road, enjoying the wintry, rural sights (see Part 1, posted yesterday) and came upon this well made, small barn and older, totally collapsed barn:

This patriotic home was set back behind the pine trees:

The Jenkins Cemetery:

A couple of outbuildings, one of them nearly hidden by the huge piles of snow:

A stone sided home behind an old tree, with a wonderful, wrap-around porch:

And speaking of wrap-around porches, they don't make them much nicer than this. The summertime views must be wonderful:

This modern home had another wrap-around porch:

And it also had this elegant barn, sided with the same material as the house:

A woodsy style home:

And a big, beautiful, modern home set back in the pines. But I had to get to the feed store, so I put my camera away and concentrated on my trip to buy feed:

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