Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pets At Home In March

Winter has been stubborn. Having broken all records for cold, it has resisted leaving us, even this far into March:

The new dog, Jack, has made himself at home and gets along well with the other animals. He still lifts his leg on things from time to time, but I'm working on that. And he still quickly becomes fearful over nearly anything. But most of the time, he's a happy, contented pooch:

Fergus, Clover and Daphne shared a floor pillow in the kitchen:

And the Silly Sisters, Daphne and Clover, enjoyed playing in the snow:

They eschew the kitchen floor pillows and form a dog pile closer to me when I'm at the computer. Jack uses the dog bed under my computer desk:

To combat Jack's leg lifting, I have taken to letting them outside as often as every fifteen minutes, whenever I walk into the kitchen. I don't leave them out for long, but I want Jack to establish new behavior patterns. It seems to be working and if I neglect to do it, I have some cleaning up to do:

Draco, feeling happy and content, was rolling ecstatically atop the dog food bin:

A typical dog pile next to the computer, this one with Bramble:

And three healthy, happy pets - Clover, Bramble and Daphne:

Jack and Daphne:

And Bramble, looking inscrutable:

Lastly, a photo of Daphne, smart enough to know where to keep her belly warm on a cold morning:

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