Monday, March 16, 2015

Dogs And Cats In Winter, An Update

There's not much to do around the house in the winter, and especially not a winter as cold and snowy as this one. My dogs and cats have been getting a lot of sleeping accomplished:
And they all tend to join in the fun. This one, with three cats and two dogs, included Rocky, Daphne Clover, Bramble and Snoozey:

The dogs do go outdoors but don't stay out there very long. Seamus would be happy to stay outside, but he has a very thick, wooly coat:

Clover and Daphne, AKA "The Silly Sisters," romp and play together when they get outdoors:

Seamus likes to bark at everything which moves - and a few things which don't. He seems to believe that he's keeping things safe for Truth, Justice and the American Way:

Yes, they are romping and playing again:

When it's extra cold out, I don't even close the gate on the porch so the dogs can come in more quickly and I don't have to go out at all:

But most of winter's time is spent lounging, snoozing and cuddling:

Bramble, the youngest cat in the house at ten years old, still springs to the top of the highest furniture to watch the activity - or lack thereof:

Seamus began trying to sleep atop PeeWee's old bed. It was obviously too small for him and he has his own giant bed, so I had to wonder if he missed his little buddy:

Yep, it's been a cold, snowy, windy winter:

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