Friday, March 20, 2015

Frederic Remington Museum - Part 3

I was nearing the end of my tour of the Remington Museum (see previous two posts). This wonderful piece had the long title of "Recent Uprising Among The Bannock Indians - A Hunting Party Fording The Snake River Southwest Of The Three Tetons (Mountains)," wash on paper, 1895:

"The Bronco Buster," bronze, 1896:

"Buffalo Hunter Spitting A Bullet Into A Gun," watercolor on paper, 1892:

"Untitled," oil on canvas, 1908-1909:

"A Mining Town, Wyoming," oil on canvas, c. 1899, altered 1904:

I found myself once again in the elegant lobby of the museum, with its elaborate woodwork and one of Remington's own Tiffany lamps:

And then I continued upstairs to see the other displays, which gave me a feeling for the elaborate nature of the lifestyle in this former mansion:

There was a lot of glassware from the period:

A magnificent fireplace:

An upstairs parlor - or perhaps this was a once a bedroom:

This may have been a library:

All in all, it was clear that no one who lived in this house had ever been poor:

Downstairs again, there was a gift shop, featuring all sorts of Remington themed gifts. These ranged from postcards to full scale bronze reproductions of his sculptures, priced in the $1500 to $2000 range. There was also a room filled with reproductions of his paintings:

These paintings were for sale at about $75 each. But my tour of the Remington Museum had come to an end. I thanked the lady at the front desk and headed out to my car:

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