Thursday, March 19, 2015

Frederic Remington Museum - Part 2

I was touring the Remington Museum in Ogdensburg, New York and in the hall of sculptures (see Part 1, yesterday). This bronze was "The Rattlesnake," 1905. Notice the snake by the horse's hoof:

"The Scalp," 1898. And yes, that's a bronze scalp in the warrior's right hand:

Then I began to look at Remington's paintings and there were many of them. I selected a few of my favorites. This was "Hauling In The Gill Net," oil on canvas, 1905-1906:

"The Howl Of The Weather," oil on canvas, 1906-1907:

"River Drivers In The Spring Break Up," oil on canvas, c. 1906:

"Evening In The Desert, Navajoes," oil on canvas, 1905-1906:

"Full Dress Engineer," oil on academy board, 1889:

"The Messenger," oil on board, 1887:

"The Charge Of The Rough Riders," oil on canvas, 1898:

"Antoine's Cabin," oil on canvas, 1890:

"Small Oaks," oil on canvas, 1887:

"The End Of The Day," oil on canvas, 1904:

Another bronze, "The Mountain Man," 1903:

'Coming Through The Rye," 1902. There were many more paintings and bronze sculptures. I'm including just a few of my favorites. There's one more post to come yet, and it will publish tomorrow. Tune in again:

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