Saturday, March 21, 2015

There's A New Dog In Town

I have been missing PeeWee so much that I considered finding another special needs little dog. I found cute, well socialized small dogs for adoption at the Malone Shelter, but I felt sure they'd quickly find good homes - and heaven knows I didn't need another dog just to have more dogs. Then I discovered Jack, a Pomeranian mix at the Massena Shelter. He'd been picked up on a street by the Animal Control Officer (who he bit) and taken to the Shelter in September. It took until January before they got this little spitfire to the vet for neutering and vaccinations. He sat in his kennel, unadopted, because he'd begin screaming and running in fear if anyone approached him. He bit the dog catcher and one shelter employee, so perhaps they were thinking of Jack The Ripper when they named him Jack:

But one woman at the shelter made friends with Jack, and she introduced me to him. I then introduced Jack to Daphne and Clover. They were instant friends, so I adopted him. He accepted me so quickly that he was crawling onto my lap on the way home. I kept him on a leash at first. After he met Seamus and Fergus, Draco marched up to say howdy. Jack was fine was that:

I let him off the leash and he began to explore the house, peeing on every corner, chair leg and any other vertical surface he passed. I estimated that he was peeing every 10 to 20 seconds:

Jack was a little intimidated by gigantic Seamus, but they soon became friends:

Bramble, normally a dog lover, was not so sure. He stalked him from behind, his tail all brushy:

But Jack was already best friends with Daphne and Clover, so he felt secure. Notice Bramble watching warily from the chair in the background:

Jack's peeing began to slow down as I corrected him and disinfected all his favorite spots. He was making himself at home:

And he followed me around, wherever I went:

"I still don't like him. Harrumph!"

I put scrambled eggs atop their kibble for the first feeding and watched carefully, lest fighting erupt. But all went well, with everyone polite and respectful. And Jack certainly likes scrambled eggs:

He likes to sit in PeeWee's old dog bed beneath my computer when I'm there. That way, he's comfortable and right at my feet:

And he slept on my bed the very first night. He also slept underneath the bed and in PeeWee's old bed at times. Jack made himself part of the family in short order:

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