Saturday, February 28, 2015

Chocolate & Craft Show, Saranac Lake Winter Carnival

I'd just visited the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival and had seen the Arctic Golf, the Ice Castle and the Curling demonstration (previous posts). I found my parked car and began navigating the icy hills and narrow, winding roads of Saranac Lake. I was just about to head back home when I got stuck in traffic in front of this impressive building, the Harrietstown Town Hall. The village of Saranac Lake is partially located in the town of Harrietstown:

I was stuck in traffic anyway and couldn't move, so when I saw these signs in front of the town hall, I pulled to the curb and parked. They were holding a Chocolate Festival and a Lutheran Church Women's Craft Sale. How could I resist?:

It was quite crowded inside and there were lots of baked goods, though only some were chocolate:

The crafts seemed to consist primarily of fabric items such as place mats, table runners and mini-quilts:

I saw more people looking than buying or eating, but one man was certainly enjoying the brownies he'd purchased:

I saw this elegant stairway and walked downstairs to see if there were more crafts and chocolates:

There were no more crafts or baked goods, but a group of young people was rehearsing for a concert, obviously in connection with the Winter Carnival's "Groovy 60s" theme:

I walked back upstairs and discovered that the crowd had thinned. I did not, however, buy any sweets, however tempting they might have been:

It was time to go home, so I began driving through Saranac Lake to get back on the main road. The streets were hilly, narrow and winding. At one point, I saw this mountain just ahead of me and snapped a photo because I felt pretty sure it was Mount Baker, about which I blogged here and here:

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  1. Outstanding events! How can I miss such wonderful chocolate and crafts events in New York!! You know I love capturing the photographs of unique crafts items. Anyways, thanks for sharing these photos!