Thursday, February 19, 2015

Around The Farm In February

Welcome back, faithful reader. It was nice to take a winter's vacation from the blog, but I certainly continued to be busy around the farm. The weather has been very cold, with many nights far below zero:

The fantail pigeons stayed relatively comfortable in their unheated but draft free room in the barn. As the days began to lengthen, I began to see them pairing off and cuddling together, cooing gently:

The pigeons are looking healthy, though I'm sure they'll be happy when they can get outdoors once again:

They have four trough feeders at all times, plus heated water:

PeeWee, my elderly dog, long ago quit pooping and peeing outdoors and began doing it indoors. In spite of my best efforts to keep the floors clean and sanitized, my kitchen began to smell oddly and I'd notice it when I came in from outside. So I resorted to burning incense, and got this "Old Man Tree" incense burner, from which smoke would pour from many holes. It seemed to fit the rural theme here:

The chickens are crowded in their small room, but it's draft free and I keep it clean. Like the pigeons, they too have heated water and a continuous supply of feed. The two roosters seem to get along famously:

A couple of hens began laying in February, though not every day. The big rush of eggs will come soon, though, as springtime arrives:

My car needed a repair and I thought the old fashioned country garage where I took it was worthy of a couple of photos. The shop is surrounded by farms and forest, and looks as if it hasn't changed much over the decades:

The owner's wife carried in a plate of freshly baked apple Danish and distributed them to all the employees and customers while I was waiting. That's what I call old fashioned, country hospitality:

It's been a brutally cold but beautiful winter. Now we're all hoping for an early spring. It feels good to be blogging again:

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  1. Welcome back, have missed you and the pets. L.