Monday, February 23, 2015

Porter Lynch Road In Stockholm, New York - Part 1

We'd just endured another big snowstorm and it was brutally cold outdoors, but the day was sunny and the winds were quiet. So I decided it was time for a driving tour and chose rural Porter Lynch Road in the town of Stockholm:

This was real farm country and the houses were far apart:

There were old barns alongside the road:

And suburban style homes, fronted with snow covered evergreens:

But there were authentic old farmsteads as well:

An old silo, big tractor, farm equipment and the foundation where a barn once stood:

This old farm house and its split rail fence were close to the road and looked comfortable:

I passed through woodlands, apparently former fields which had, over time, returned to trees:

I remembered that this western style barn had sheep the last time I drove this road, but I saw none on this day:

A front porch for sitting and watching the neighbors drive by - in warmer weather, of course:

Do you see those tiny dots way out in the distant fields? Those were five foot diameter, round hay bales - hundreds of them. But there was more to see on Porter Lynch Road and I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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