Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Porter Lynch Road In Stockholm, New York - Part 2

I was driving Porter Lynch Road in rural Stockholm and snapping pictures of the scenery. I particularly liked this old, red barn:

This colorful old barn had been assembled in stages:

There was an old manure spreader and a hay rake in the snow:

A very large and well built old barn:

This farm house, with its barn and silo out behind, looked comfortable and inviting, like a place to come home to at Christmastime:

A modern country home:

A front porch to sit on when the weather is nice:

A collection of outbuildings, all painted the traditional green:

There were woodlands along the road:

This appeared to me to be a very old homestead. It was small and had, I thought, been converted to a barn or shed in later years. But even those days were long gone and it now stood, unused, along the road:

I took one last photo before I turned onto the county road. Then I put my camera away and continued on home. I had several bags of feed in the back of my car which had to be unloaded and cattle which would want to be fed:

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