Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Trail Toward Madawaska Pond - Part 3

Having been unable to reach Madawaska Pond because the trail had been closed to the public where it crossed private land, the dogs and I were leisurely making our way back to the car. I spotted a pretty brook just off the trail and contemplated pushing through the brush to get in closer to see it. But adventurous little Clover made the decision for us when she bolted in there to do some exploring. I followed her, with the other dogs behind me:

It was indescribably lovely, with moss covered rocks and clear mountain waters burbling through the Balsam forest:

We didn't go far because the trees were small and close together, making walking difficult. But we did explore a little ways:

Most of the moss looked like Sphagnum to me:

Back on the trail again, I was drawn to a sandy clearing where a rock was covered with bright reddish orange moss:

I drew closer and marveled at its beauty:

And then we were on our way along the trail once again. Daphne made numerous side trips into the forest:

Fergus mostly stayed on the trail, ever alert and concerned with keeping us all together:

Seamus and Clover seemed to understand that we were almost back to the car but kept a watch for Coyotes or other potential dangers:

And before long I could see the yellow gate with the red stop sign just ahead:

And just beyond the gate was my little red car. My legs were feeling tired and I was anxious to sit down on those comfortable car seats:

I drove back north on Blue Mountain Road, having decided to take the trail to Duck Pond next. On the way I got a fantastic view of Azure Mountain with the fire tower at its summit:

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