Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Boreal Forest Experience Along The Port Kent Hopkinton Turnpike

I was driving home from a visit to the farm and traveling, for the first time this year, on the Port Kent Hopkinton Turnpike. The dogs and I had the entire road to ourselves and were traveling along the seasonally maintained parts of the road when I spotted a clearing next to the road with a magnificent Boreal Forest just begging to be explored. The clearing was full of Balsam Fir seedlings and the forest was full of Balsam adults so the fragrance was enchanting:

I pulled off the road and let the dogs out to explore and to play:

There appeared to be a trail leading into the forest, by all appearances an old logging road. We all headed in that direction:

Deeper and deeper into the woods we went, feeling as if we were in the Forest Primeval:

The only catch, of course, was old Winky and Wally who were exceedingly slow and poking along sniffing here and there. They seemed oblivious to our desire to explore more deeply in the forest. But they were part of the family so I hung back, encouraging them to hurry along:

When I got Wally and Winky moving again, I walked ahead to where the four younger dogs were waiting for me:

The scene was exquisite, with moss carpeted trail:

There were occasional clearings along the trail and I guessed that cabins may have stood there years ago:

I walked back to encourage the oldsters and Winky gave me his "How am I doing?, Ain't this fun?" look:

But this was only a brief rest stop and I had many miles yet to drive. Besides, it was difficult to keep the old and young dogs together. So I gave them all a call and we began moving back toward our parked car:

Again, the young dogs ran ahead with all the excitement which characterizes their lives:

I stayed back, calling Wally and Winky, encouraging them through the Balsam seedlings. And soon enough we were all loaded back up into the car and on our way. Next time I may leave the old timers resting in the car and try exploring farther with the younger dogs:

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