Sunday, May 27, 2012

Long Pond, Heading South - Part 1

My legs had become weak and we were returning to the parking area. When the Jenkins Mountain trail intersected with the Long Pond trail, I turned south retracing our steps from earlier in the day:

The trail began through the forest, about halfway up the side of a large esker:

Yet still it was mostly level and easy walking:

In no time at all I saw Long Pond. We'd be arriving at its shoreline very soon:

My happy dogs had no leg weakness problems. They bounced and played their way along the trail:

Daphne has learned to return to me often and check to be sure I'm OK:

And then we arrived at the beautiful lean-to at which the college students had been camping when we passed it going north:

The campers had departed and the dogs ran down to the water's edge with great excitement:

And Seamus discovered the plank pier leading out into Long Pond. He was the first to arrive there and, of course, went right into the water:

The other dogs arrived just as Seamus was hauling himself out of the pond:

We all walked out to end of the pier for a look at the Adirondack loveliness. I'll post more tomorrow:

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