Wednesday, May 2, 2012

From Grass Pond To Vermontville On Scenic Route 3

I'd just left from our rest stop in the Boreal Forest along the Port Kent Hopkinton Turnpike when I saw this sign for Grass Pond Fishing Access Site. Just completed a year or two ago, it is a handicapped accessible walk down to the lovely Grass Pond. Of course I stopped:

Since we'd just had a rest stop, I left old Wally and Winky napping in the car and proceeded down the walkway with the four younger dogs:

It wasn't far, and I shortly saw Grass Pond just ahead:

We walked to the edge of the pond and took in the magnificent Adirondack views:

Aptly named, Grass Pond's edges are chock full of grasses which seem to filling in the pond from the perimeter in, much in the same way that Sphagnum does:

Clover and Daphne wasted no time and ran right out onto the grass/water combination. They were light enough to get away with it but I knew better than to try it myself:

But then giant Seamus ran out there also and he didn't seem to be sinking. Nonetheless, I decided not to chance it myself. Maybe some other time:

But as always, this was only a brief rest stop and withing a few minutes I called the dogs back toward our parked car where Wally and Winky snoozed comfortably:

Seamus was reluctant to leave the water but ran right ahead of me after he'd done so:

We turned south on Route 3. By then it was lunch time, so I stopped at the Birch Bark Deli for a sub. Their restroom was not yet open. That had to wait for summer when they didn't have to worry about frozen pipes:

I headed south on Route 3 toward Bloomingdale, where I passed this field of Herefords with a backdrop of mountains. This looks more like Wyoming than New York. I guess that's part of why they call it the Empire State:

The farms along the way were beautiful, framed with forests and mountain peaks. I ate my sub and kept driving toward home. When I got to the town of Saranac Lake, I turned onto Route 86 and continued on our usual route:

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