Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Big Log On The Shore Trail Of Black Pond

We were hiking back toward the trail head along the eastern shore of Black Pond. My legs had become so weak and sore that I was almost crippled, and I was becoming (I hate to admit it) increasingly cranky. Then I saw, up ahead, a large Hemlock which had fallen across the trail and been chainsawed to allow hikers to pass. The dogs ran merrily through it, but I thought it'd make for a nice photo. I called them back and Daphne was the first to return to me:

Then Fergus:

Then Clover:

And then Seamus. When these photos were in the photo editing software, I could scroll through them, giving the effect of a choppy movie, reminiscent of those old books from the 1950s which a kid could fan the pages and create a sort of flash animation. I wish I could reproduce it for you here, but perhaps you get the idea:

I eventually did get a nice shot of Clover atop the Hemlock trunk and she is looking like quite a well bred Papillon:

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