Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The East Shore Of Black Pond, Headed South - Part 1

The dogs and I were backtracking, returning to the trail head since my legs became too weak to continue to the top of Jenkins Mountain. We were returning the way we'd come, following the trail trail southward along the western shore of Long Pond and Black Pond. We'd just passed Long Pond and I was relieved to see the trail sign saying Black Pond was just ahead:

There was a fish barrier dam between Long Pond and Black Pond, designed to prevent the spread of invasive species. I didn't have a trail map with me, but remembered that there was an alternate trail on the eastern shore of Black Pond. So I crossed the dam to access it. You can see in this photo that Seamus is halfway across the dam and the other dogs are already on the other side waiting for me:

We followed the small creek downstream, headed for Black Pond:

The mossy creek-side was a marvelous place for Clover to play and explore:

Yikes! Can you believe it? I found a bit of snow still remaining inside a hollow stump. And this was in May!:

The trail on the eastern side of Black Pond, it turned out, was more rugged and less level, taking us up into the forest and away from the water's edge in many places. My weak legs were beginning to get worse and I was slowing down more and more:

There was one canoe out in the pond and Daphne stopped to watch them. I tried to keep quiet to allow them the peace and serenity for which they'd come (in addition to the fishing):

Though my legs were deteriorating rapidly, I was enjoying the scenery. This was beautiful Adirondack country:

Though I stayed on the trail which was uphill from the pond, the dogs went down often to check out the shoreline:

The trail became steeper and rougher, with rocks and roots I found difficult to manage with my rapidly deteriorating legs:

I stopped to take a picture of the man and woman out in their canoe fishing. What a lovely scene!:

Finally, a smooth and level stretch of trail. It was most welcome as we made our way southward toward the trail head. But the east shore trail was proving to be considerably longer than the trail on the western shore. I'll post more tomorrow:

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