Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Playing By The Ausable River

What a fantastic visit to the farm I'd just had with the dogs! But we were now on our way home and I was almost to the Northway, that limited access highway which would take me all the rest of the way back to Albany. No more relaxing stops in Adirondack forests, just high speed driving and too much traffic. So before pulling onto the Northway, I stopped for a final rest stop at our hidden campsite along the Ausable River. The water was low so we trotted right down to the river's edge:

I walked right onto the rocks to enjoy the view, the sounds and the sweet Adirondack forest aromas:

The young dogs came with me but old Winky stayed on the grassy riverbank:

Fergus is a veteran rock hopper and had a grand time exploring, all the more so because the water level was low:

I kept my eye on Winky and Wally but they were happy and enjoying an idyllic spot:

Daphne danced across the rocks like a forest sprite:

When it came time to return to our car, Clover and Daphne ran on ahead:

Seamus and Winky lagged behind:

Clover struck a classic Papillon pose as we neared the car:

But Daphne was ahead of her:

Everybody was refreshed and ready to make the final leg of the journey home:

Well, not everybody. Old Wally and Winky had fallen behind and had a steep, rocky hill to climb. I thought I might have help them but they did just fine. Once we were all safely back in the car I headed for the Northway and aimed the car south toward Albany:

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