Friday, May 18, 2012

Driving To The Farm By Way Of Plattsburgh, Part 2

The dogs and I were on our way up to the farm, taking a new route just for variety. We'd already passed through the city of Plattsburgh, New York and the little prison town of Dannemora. The highway took us right alongside Chazy Lake with a splendid view of an Adirondack mountain:

The area was not at all densely settled and I thought it would make a lovely place to live:

We also passed by Upper Chateaugay Lake and Lower Chateaugay Lake. I can't remember which picture is which lake. They were both beautiful:

I pulled off into a boat launch parking lot for a look at a narrow inlet:

And then, still on Route 374, we entered the small town of Brainardsville:

Brainardsville was notable primarily for the huge windmill farm just to its north. I could see the monstrous windmills just ahead (along with farm silos) as I drove through town:

Just north of Brainardsville I began seeing more and more windmills. I was supposed to turn west on County Route 24 but kept going just to see the windmill farm:

There were an uncountable number of them, scattered throughout what appeared to be hay fields:

And they were BIG, perhaps 4 feet in diameter at their base:

I supposed that these farmers were doing well financially. They had income from both their crops and from the windmills. Having satisfied my curiosity, I turned west on Route 11 in the little town of Chateaugay and headed toward Malone, New York:

Malone was a fun place with all the classic sights of a small city. I was particularly taken by this pink drive-in, Bokie's. I thought what a fun place to take a family this would be:

Bokie's Drive-n was wonderful, but I was on my way to the farm and had to move along. I did stop at a convenience store to use their rest room and buy a coffee. A woman, all smiles, insisted on holding the door for me as I entered and another, with her arms full of groceries, insisted that I go ahead of her in line. When I said no, that she had her arms full, she laughed and said she was a mother and this was nothing. She insisted that I go ahead. The people of the north country are amazingly friendly and polite. I'm sure I'm going to like it there:

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