Saturday, May 19, 2012

Arriving At The Farm

This new route to the farm via Plattsburgh, Dannemora and Malone was interesting but longer than my other routes. I decided I wouldn't take it again unless perhaps I felt I just had to have some variety. I arrived at the farm on a lovely Sunday afternoon and things looked good:

The barn still looked good but it appeared that nothing had been done in the last several weeks:

There was still construction debris and parts of the old sheds on the ground, as well as a huge dumpster which had been there for many weeks. I went inside the barn, though, and discovered that the contractors had been putting the braces in place for the roof rafters. The weather had been rainy so I realized they couldn't have done any outside roof work:

The tenants' young Lab mix, Bentley, was already outside in the dog run so I put my dogs in with him. When I let my dogs into my apartment, he came in also. Bentley is, shall we say, a bit of a live wire and my dogs seem to think he's a pain in the butt:

Bentley ran over to the food dishes while my dogs sat and looked at me forlornly. "C'mon, Dad. Can't you put him back outside?!?":

Little Clover cuddled up to her big buddy, Seamus, for protection:

But once Bentley was back out in the dog run, we all began settling in for the night:

I made a visit to the neighbors and then we all took a rest:

It was still early by most people's standards, but we'd had a very long day and would be getting up early the next morning. The dogs agreed that it was time to get some shut-eye:

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