Monday, May 28, 2012

Long Pond, Headed South - Part 2

Long Pond viewed from the end of the pier was lovely - and it certainly showed the shape by which the pond was named:

I turned back toward the lean-to and began walking the pier back toward land. The dogs were already there, exploring and searching for any scraps of food which might have been dropped:

There was a loon out in Long Pond. It kept rather far away from us but did call loudly from time to time, its eerie voice echoing off the surrounding hills:

I hoped to entice Seamus to go swimming again, so I called the dogs all back out to the water. Alas, he'd already had his watery adventure and had no interest in doing it again right then:

So we examined the lean-to more closely and then continued on our way south:

These lands are managed (and probably owned) by Paul Smiths College, so budding young rangers have placed super-deluxe signs along the way, finer than any signs I've seen elsewhere:

We continued south along the eastern shore of Long Pond. My legs were feeling weaker by the mile, but at least the trail was level and smooth:

Another glimpse of Long Pond:

And yet another glimpse as we made our way southward towards the trail head:

As we came to the end of Long Pond I snapped another photo as I was enchanted by its wild beauty:

But Clover wasn't so much enchanted as looking for somewhere to play. She ran to the water's edge:

Both Papillons found some rocks which served admirably as play areas. My legs may have been week and sore, but I certainly had some very happy dogs!:

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