Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Final Romp In The Forest On Our Journey Home

The dogs and I were once again on our way home from the farm and had made our way through the Adirondacks down through the Keene Valley and almost to the Northway. From there the journey is one hour and forty-five minutes of high speed, limited access highway. So I pulled off the road into our favorite little campsite on the Ausable River. We all piled out of the car and began making our way into the forest. Wally and Winky, of course, lagged behind, peeing and sniffing and checking out the interesting smells in the fire ring:

The four younger dogs ran on ahead into the Adirondack forest:

Keeping all six dogs together takes some effort, but I was doing pretty well - at least at the beginning:

The trail winds comfortable through the tree trunks and is an unusually pleasant walk for people and for dogs:

Winky was lagging behind, but I'm used to that. The big problem that day was Wally. If you squint at the left side of the trail in this picture you'll see black and white Wally dawdling along. My job was (again) to urge the oldsters forward while urging the youngsters to slow down:

Here comes Wally!:

I managed to get Wally almost up to the other dogs and we proceeded farther into the forest:

The "Silly Sisters" ran, wrestled and played the entire way. I had to call them to get them to stop long enough to snap this picture:

But it had been a wonderful trip up to the farm and our final rest stop was over. The highway portion of the drive was just ahead so I got everyone back into the car and began the last leg of the journey home:

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