Monday, November 29, 2010

Yet More Dog Pile Photos

If all goes as planned, I should be up at the farm as you read this. And I hope I'll be taking lots more photos to share here. But for now, I've got more dog pile pictures from another Saturday at work. I guess I just never get tired of seeing the pooches getting along so well. Can you stand to see more dog pile photos?:

Wally (in the foreground) is losing his eyesight but still gets around quite nicely. The younger dogs are the dog pile dogs, with Clover always on top:

Sometimes they all ignore me when I point my camera at them, but at other times, they seem to be wondering what I'm doing:

This is an example of them ignoring me:

It's a rough life they've got:

I once had planned to teach Clover to ride Seamus' back while he walked. I may do that yet. It'd make a great trick and they'd both enjoy it:

And, in closing, I will say that when I took this picture, the Papillon puppies "were all ears:"

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