Tuesday, November 23, 2010

From Wolf Pond Road To The Ausable River

In yesterday's post I described how I'd decided to explore Wolf Pond Road in the northern Adirondacks. It became too small, rutted and remote for safety so I then decided to turn around and head back to safer, smoother main roads. Before we left the deep forest, however, I let the dogs out for a romp:

The scenery on Wolf Pond Road as I backtracked continued to be amazing. This is country that few tourists get to see. Few, after all, would dare to explore such tiny, rugged back roads besides me. This scene was taken out of my car window while I was on Wolf Pond Road and shows northern Spruce forests, a mountain lake and a mountain with clouds drifting across its face. The skies were darkening all the while as bad weather arrived. Indeed we had a snow storm as I drove south back into Albany. But at this point, it was just gathering strength:

All the adventure having ending, Daphne and Clover snoozed on the car seat beside me. Seamus, Fergus, Wally and Winky were snoozing in the back of the car. We got back onto the main roads and began heading south through the high peaks:

But as we passed our little campsite by the Ausable River, I decided that we'd all benefit from one more rest stop. So in spite of the lightly falling rain (which would soon become a snow storm), we all scrambled out of the car and back into the woods:

The two puppies led the way, accompanied by Fergus:

But the rain became more insistent and I called the dogs back. We climbed back into the car and finished making our journey home:

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