Monday, November 15, 2010

Adirondack High Peaks Views And Marcy Field

The dogs and I were driving up to the farm after an absence of two months. We'd arrived at the high peaks region of the Adirondacks where the scenery is both ever-present and superb - and yes, that's snow on the mountaintop:

Clover and Daphne, the two Papillon puppies, occupied the front seat next two me. Seamus, Fergus, Wally and Winky had the entire back of the car in which to get comfortable:

In the town of Keene I stopped to explore a bit:

The skies were clear and I could see for miles. It's a good thing I stopped to take pictures because on the return trip the following day the visibility was ruined by a rain and snow storm:

I stopped at Marcy Field to see the view but didn't let the dogs out. After all, they'd just had a good romp in the woods:

I did, however, snap my own picture:

There was a log cabin abutting Marcy Field which I'd never before noticed. I imagine that it sat on mighty expensive real estate given the world class views. I'll post more tomorrow:

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