Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Walking Tour Around The Farm House

I'd arrived at the farm with all six of my dogs in the car. We had a walk about, then I put the dogs in my apartment and went exploring by myself. At the south end of the barn I turned back to capture this November farm scene:

The milk room is attached to the main barn. It still has functioning lights, but the running water is no longer connected. It sure would be luxurious for me to have both running water and lights when I'm keeping chickens in there. I'd like to put a fenced chicken run along the side of the barn, but snow sliding off the roof would make that a bad idea. Perhaps the chickens could exit out that window on the end of the former milk room. Hmmm. I'll have to give that some thought:

I parked my car on the northwest corner of the house and used the north entrance to come and go from my apartment. That worked quite well but won't be useful in the middle of winter. There will be too much snow then:

Standing in the county road, I got a good view of the farm house and barn:

The main barn would benefit greatly from new roofing and siding. But that will likely never happen. Nonetheless, it's fun to imagine:

Since the tenants' Pit Bull was occupying the fenced dog yard, I let my dogs out to run on the lawn to the north of the house. They liked that just fine and had a grand time sniffing, pooping and peeing:

Wally trotted through the fallen apples. The neighbors' farm lies directly across the road:

Winky and Clover investigated the goldfish pond. In fact, all the dogs seemed to find it fascinating. On our last trip, Clover fell in the water and I had to rescue her. She didn't, however, show any fear of it on this trip:

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