Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rural Rensselaer County Tour - Part 2

I was driving through rural Rensselaer County on my way to Grafton Lakes State Park to go hiking with four of my dogs. The scenery along the highways was so beautiful that I kept stopping to take pictures. This, of course, lengthened the trip but some of the resulting photos were worth it:

When I passed tiny Reichard Road in the town of Poestenkill, I was reminded of a friend who lived at the end of that road many years ago. It was very isolated and remote back then. His uncle owned a dairy farm on that road and I wondered how the passing years had changed things, so I turned up it. There were new suburban type houses, but also some of the old farm houses:

My friend's uncle's farm was still there, though there were no longer any cattle. His barn was a beauty:

The road winds slowly uphill, providing nice views of the surrounding countryside and big skies:

I drove up to the end of the road, almost to the house of my friend's parents. Then I turned back and headed downhill back toward the highway. The uncle's farm lay directly ahead:

I found this old barn especially remarkable with its Socony (which later became the Mobil Oil Co.) sign and Sinclair Dino gasoline pump:

And farther on down the road were these crumbling old sheds. When I passed by them again later on in the day, young Holsteins were grazing there:

The skies were darkening ominously as I passed this beautiful old barn and cattle:

But up ahead, the Grafton Mountains still looked to have a bit of sun and a bit of autumn color:

Whenever I stopped to snap a photo, all the dogs watched me with keen interest. This time you can see Fergus' white head and black eyes just peeking over the top of the back door. But I guess Daphne had decided to snooze:

Heading due east on Route 2, I began to see familiar things which brought back memories from when I lived and worked out that way. The White Lily Lodge's sign is now so faded that it's difficult to read. This was turning into a pleasant Sunday excursion and I took many more pictures, some of which I'll post tomorrow:

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