Saturday, November 27, 2010

Little Puppy, Big Rope Toy

A visiting friend recently brought a gift for my dogs, a giant knotted rope toy. I suspect that she thought it would be used by big ol' Seamus, but I said right away that I thought tiny Clover, the youngest Papillon puppy, would be the rope's most ardent fan. Indeed, I was correct. Well, the other morning she began romping and wrestling with it and I took a few photos to share:

Clover carried her beloved rope around ceremoniously, but then flipped it up in the air and then to the floor where she played with it as if it was another puppy:

And in her imaginative puppy mind, the rope played back, almost pinning her several times:

There was a lull in the action:

And then Daphne came over to join in the fun:

But in the end, it was Clover who truly loves the rope toy. It is hers to own and it is her play time buddy (at least when Daphne and Fergus are otherwise occupied):

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