Thursday, November 18, 2010

Town Of Brighton, Pigs, Longhorns And Mountain Pond

Still on our journey to the farm, the dogs and I arrived at the Adirondack town of Brighton. I stopped at another favorite cemetery for a quick photo. But once again the dogs did not get out to run because there were other people there. No problem, we'd soon enough find another spot for a doggy potty break:

I suppose that some day these hay fields will be housing developments. I hope not, but it appears that the transformation is already beginning. Well, at least for now I can enjoy the wildness and scenery:

There is one farm in Brighton and on this day their pigs were out enjoying the sun. They grunted friendly greetings to me as I snapped their picture. Pigs can be marvelous animals. I once had a sow named Sweet Pea who was as tame and gentle as a dog. When she gave birth, she became so nervous and fearful that I sat beside her in the hay and stroked her head. Pigs can become very tame:

And this same farm had a small herd of Texas Longhorns which I've watched grow from calves into mamas with calves of their own. I used to worry that a Texas breed would have trouble in our cold winters, but apparently they do just fine:

And then I stopped at Mountain Pond to let the dogs out and we did indeed have the whole thing to ourselves. The dogs were overjoyed and no one else was around to be bothered as they explored everything:

From the lake up into the forest and then back again. And yes, that's an outhouse up ahead in this picture. I'd never noticed it there before:

Daphne ran down to the shoreline to give everything a good sniffing:

I posed for a picture with Mountain Pond in the background. Mountain Pond is less than an hour's drive from the farm so we were almost there. I'll post more tomorrow:

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