Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Adirondack High Peaks and Keene, New York

The dogs and I were on our way up to the farm. I'd reached the high peaks region of the Adirondacks and the air was clear. That meant that I'd be taking lots of pictures of mountains:

The higher mountains were covered in snow, the lower mountains were not:

I knew from a previous trip that the Keene cemetery was up on a hillside with one of the best views in the Adirondacks. So, having previously discovered the intentionally obscure entrance road, I drove up to the highest point and began taking more pictures:

There were mountains in all directions:

I guess this is the experience which people refer to when they talk of standing on top of the world:

And then, in the town of Keene, another stop at my favorite store:

There were stuffed bears (see above) and wolves (plural - there's a black wolf behind me) in front of the store. I explored the interior of the store also, but saw nothing new. Our journey northward was only half over, so there's more to post tomorrow:

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