Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dogs Enjoying A Saturday At Work With Me

I am generally the only person in the office on Saturdays and work just half a day dealing with the public from behind a counter. So several years ago I began bringing a couple of dogs with me to work. This has expanded over time so that I now bring in all six dogs, even crabby little Winky (who so far has behaved himself completely). The dogs have become almost a tourist attraction for many of the customers, some of whom go back out to the car or even home to bring in their wives or children. They love to pet giant Seamus over the counter and the two little Papillon puppies over the baby gate. But they also love to see this very common sight:

All the dogs somehow know when it is Saturday morning in spite of my efforts to make no telltale changes in my routine. Wally gets especially rambunctious, running through the house throwing small rugs in all directions. By contrast, he's a quiet, mellow soul once he arrives at work:

When I first arrive in the morning, there's a lot of excitement, a lot of sniffing and sometimes a couple of puppy puddles. The first few customers get lots of attention from the dogs, but then boredom takes over:

The puppies sometimes play and sometimes beg for attention, but if the action slows down for them, they merely go into "rest and cuddle" mode:

I never used to allow little Winky to come because I wasn't sure he'd behave, but after the death of his best friend, Wren, and the boss's purchase of a cottage which kept him away all weekend, I began allowing Winky to join us. He's been a happy, perfect gentleman:

If I call Seamus to come to the counter to greet a customer, he stands up and Clover slides to the floor. She doesn't seem to mind at all and keeps right on snoozing - unless, of course, there's some new person on the scene to give her attention:

Wally and Winky are both many, many years beyond puppy-hood and generally just want to rest. Well, a pat on the head is always nice also. Wally's recently expanding waistline is evident in this photo:

But it's one big happy family most of the time:

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