Friday, November 19, 2010

Arriving At The Farm And Inspecting The Barn

It'd been two months since I'd been up to the farm and it felt good to arrive there once again. The grounds were neat and the many pots of geraniums around the perimeter had been emptied for the winter. Harley, the tenants' Pit Bull, was inside the dog fence:

I let my dogs have yet another potty break and stretch their legs, then put them inside my apartment. I then toured the barn:

The tenants had tidied up the milk room. I plan to use this some day as a chicken house. And no, that toilet is not operational. It's just an old one being stored out there:

There's a screen at the top of the stairs to keep the hay loft pigeons from coming down and pooping all over everything downstairs. I have two rows of cow stanchions which I hope to use some day:

There's a couple of enclosed box stalls which were probably once used for horses:

The second row of stanchions. The automatic waterers are no longer working:

Looking at the barn from the south end you can see the row of decrepit sheds which are attached. It'd be terrific to rebuild them, but I fear they are too far gone and I'm too short of both time and money. I'll have to be happy with just the barn:

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