Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wally Gets A Haircut Too

Wally's hair had also gotten much too long and he was much in need of a haircut. Wally is the easiest dog to groom. His hair just needs snipped with scissors and doesn't even much show when it's uneven. Any layers and odd tufts either grow out evenly or I snip in a day or two. Also, Wally is an agreeable dog in spite of his almost having been put to sleep at the Shelter for being snappy. I usually trim Wally first, but this time decided to save the easiest for last. He didn't seem to mind at all as I began:

Wally's short legs and snout make haircuts easier than the long, curly-haired Poodle legs and snouts. And he stayed calm even after I accidentally pinched him with the scissors:

There. All done and now we can take a picture of your new haircut, Wally. Notice that Daphne and Fergus came over to admire his handsome new look:

Wally seemed genuinely pleased, perhaps because he was more comfortable. I took off enough fur that I got to tighten his collar one notch:

I took one last photo of Wally's walk down the runway before life returned to normal. Hey, we've got to take our joy and triumphs were we can find them!:

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